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  • "On Saturday, June 28th, Bellezza hosted my daughter's bridal party consisting of the bride, six bridesmaids, mothers of the bride and groom, two aunts and one grandma. They welcomed us with open arms and pampered us like we were all a bride that day. They had a special table set up for us to put out food for the bridal party as we were getting ready and they made sure we had plenty of coffee or water. We had ladies getting make-up done, getting eyebrows waxed and all were getting their hair done with glamorous results!!!! Last year when my son was married, we experienced having the hair stylists come to the hotel to do our hair. While that was a good experience, I have to say I would recommend going the salon route every time. It's much less stressful on the wedding day to have everyone getting ready at the same time and it was a great start to the rest of what turned out to be a beautiful wedding day for my daughter. Thanks Bellezza Salon!!!!!!"
    ~ Carol White